How Speakers Can Deal With Unexpected Changes in the Industry with Jane Atkinson

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Grant Baldwin and Jane Atkinson (from Speaker Launcher) host a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers can deal with the current changes in the industry.

During the live stream, Grant and Jane discuss:

  • Being aware your mindset
  • Intentionally limiting your intake of the news and social media
  • Balancing negative and positive influences
  • Taking the opportunity to learn something new
  • Importance of diversifying your booking strategies
  • Asking bureaus to pay your compensation in advance
  • High demand for meeting space and venues shifting to Fall 2020
  • New opportunities in the marketplace
  • Focusing on what you can control vs what you can’t
  • Avoiding a scarcity mindset and look for opportunities
  • The difference between speakers who weather the storm vs those who bailout
  • What it means to be a #FocusedHustler
  • Proactively check on your clients and ask how you can serve
  • Use extra time to build on the basics of your speaking business (that you might be avoiding otherwise)
  • Explore remote/virtual event options


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