164. Creating Your Greatest Competitive Advantage as a Speaker With Vinh Giang

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Vinh Giang joins Grant Baldwin to talk about creating your greatest competitive advantage as a speaker on this episode of The Speaker Lab.

If you were creating your greatest competitive advantage what would it be? Our guest for today has discovered his and he’s here to share what it is and how he found it.

Vinh Giang is an international speaker and magician who is known for his ability to educate, entertain and enlighten his audiences. He joins me on this episode of The Speaker Lab to talk about the tireless dedication and work ethic needed to catapult him to such a high level of success.

He also explains how his TEDx talk changed the trajectory of his career and how he leveraged it to grow and expand his business. We wrap up with how he uses magic in his presentations without being labeled as a magician and discuss why his demo video is so critical to his success.

You’ll hear all of that and more when you join us on episode 164 of The Speaker Lab with Vinh Giang.


  • What is his greatest competitive advantage?
  • What is the other language we all must learn to speak?
  • How many years did he do gigs for free?
  • Why he continues to invest in professional feedback on his speeches.
  • How many books did he read about speaking when he first started?
  • Why did he spend a year on his TEDx talk before giving it?
  • How did he go from speaking for free to being paid $12,000 per gig?
  • Why you have to be willing to create something no one will stand in line for.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable:  “The audience is an instrument and you must learn to play that instrument.”