Episode #56

How to Create Demo Videos

With Wes Wages

Whatever level of speaking expertise you have you know the importance of a good demo video. But do you know what actually constitutes a good demo video and how you can create one? After this episode, you will!

On today’s edition of The Speaker Lab, Wes Wages joins us to answer those questions and more. I brought Wes on to the show because he does all of my video content!

He is an accomplished videographer who began his career by shooting weddings with his wife. After growing tired of endless weekend work he moved into helping entrepreneurs with their video needs.

Today, Wes shares his expertise on how a great demo video can advance your career, what exactly should be included in your video and how long it should be. He also shares his advice on including audience reaction in your demo video, how to incorporate a good “hook”, and how long a video can be before losing the audience’s interest.

Listen in to hear all of that and so much more on this episode of The Speaker Lab!


•    Wes shares why having a demo video is truly important.

‚Ä¢¬†¬† ¬†How to avoid “selling yourself” and instead showcase what you do.

•    What can you do to personalize your demo videos?

•    How to professionally include your contact information.

•    What types of conferences should you focus on?

‚Ä¢¬†¬† ¬†Wes’ 9 tips for an enjoyable experience with your videographer.

‚Ä¢¬†¬† ¬†What is a “raw file” and why do you need to request a copy of it?

•    How to shoot a video without a videographer.

•    And much, much more!

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