How the Youth Speaking Industry Is Responding to COVID-19 With Kyle Scheele

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Grant Baldwin and Kyle Scheele hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how the youth speaking industry is responding and adjusting to the coronavirus.

During the live stream, Grant and Kyle discuss:

  • Navigating the crazy ups and downs
  • Adjusting to unexpected free time
  • Plenty of events that are rescheduling and postponing instead of canceling
  • How long will it take to get back to normal
  • Looking back to history for a sense of hope
  • Taking steps to prepare your finances for difficult times
  • Making a list of what you can control
  • Not wasting your time worrying about whatever is outside your control
  • Taking advantage of the downtime to catch up on projects you avoided
  • Spending time with loved ones and using technology to stay connected
  • How to ethically market your speaking business in times of crisis
  • The hidden benefits of working with a speaking agency
  • How will you tweak and adapt your content after this crisis?
  • How can you change to better serve people?
  • We have been through hard things as humans and we will continue to go through hard things
  • And more


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