047. Should You Join Toastmasters?

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There are many speaking groups out there but one of the most popular is Toastmasters.

On episode 47 of The Speaker Lab, I weigh in on whether you should join your local Toastmasters, and whether it’s relevant to you and the success of your speaking career.

Intrigued? Good! Lend your ears a few minutes to hear this edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • Rich Hopkins

    Toastmasters isn’t there to create professional speakers – simply speakers who are better than they used to be. Robotic speaking, or what I call ‘Speaker Man’ syndrome, is an issue. Partially a result of a set program, partially the peer-oriented feedback, which feeds on itself a bit. I’ve been in for 17 years, and find it’s great for improvement, testing, and networking. Gives me a chance to mentor others, as well.