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Hi, I'm Grant Baldwin,
founder of The Speaker Lab.

Despite starting my speaking career with no audience, no following, and no network, I’ve earned over $2+ million from 500+ paid engagements all over the world. I’ve done everything from closed-door workshops to keynotes in front of 13,000 people. And I did all of that without using traditional booking agents or speaker bureaus

Do you have a message you want to get out into the world? Have you ever dreamed of speaking for a living? Is there something you have to say but just aren’t sure what to do next? The Successful Speaker is a proven, easy-to-follow guide helping you do just that through our SPEAK Framework™, or the “business” side of speaking.


In The Successful Speaker, I’ll show you how thousands of speakers across every industry are using the SPEAK FRAMEWORK to build thriving speaking businesses that allow them to…

Get paid to share a message they’re passionate about all over the world

Transition from 9-to-5 work to a career that gives them the freedom and flexibility they crave

Supplement their existing business with paid speaking engagements

Like Erick Rheam, who earned $35,000 in his first year of focusing on speaking and then quickly scaled up to $150,000 in his second – all while working a full-time job.



Corporations, Associations and Government

And Kendra Dahlstrom, who replaced her multiple 6-figure salary in less than a year by growing her speaking business.

Helping women reconnect with the lives they were meant to live


Faith-Based Associations and Organizations

Or Chris Cumby, who increased his speaking fee 300% after going through Booked & Paid to Speak.

Entrepreneurship / Sales Training


Corporations and Associations

Here’s a Closer Look at the SPEAK Framework from The Successful Speaker

Select a Problem to Solve

Prepare Your Talk

Establish Yourself as the Expert

Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs

Know When to Scale

Whether you’re just getting started or have been speaking for years, zeroing in on the right problem to solve for the right audience and industry will make a dramatic difference in how much (and how frequently) you’re paid to speak.

The lessons and resources in this chapter will prevent you from spending years fighting an impossible battle trying to get booked for topics that don’t have an existing (or paying) market.

It’s obvious that delivering an outstanding talk can go a long way in getting you more paid opportunities. But how do you actually create one?

What specific actions can you take to fine-tune an existing presentation that’s “pretty good” and transform it into something unforgettable?

The lessons in this chapter are dedicated to showing you how to create keynotes, workshops, and seminars that will captivate your audience and inspire event organizers to give you referrals and repeat bookings.

You do NOT have to be the world’s leading expert in your field in order to get paid to speak.

You do, however, need to demonstrate some level of expertise. And as long as you know enough about your topic to deliver presentations that engage your audience, trust me—you have more than enough expertise.

But none of that will matter if you don’t know how to properly communicate your expertise to decision makers. And the two biggest pieces you need in order to do that are a rock-solid website and a compelling demo video. The lessons in this chapter show you exactly how to create both (or improve your existing ones).

If you’re like most speakers, this is the part that feels the murkiest to you—finding the best paid opportunities and taking concrete steps to actually book them.

Even seasoned speakers who feel 100% confident and comfortable on stage often feel at a loss when it comes to reaching out and winning over decision makers. You don’t want to say the wrong thing. You don’t want to come off overly salesy. And to top it off, you don’t even know where to look.

That’s why we made this the most in-depth chapter in the book. Because so often the only reason speakers don’t feel confident in their ability to land more paid gigs is because they simply lack the right information.

Learning how to consistently booked paid gigs is one thing…but how do you build a healthy, thriving business around yourself as a speaker once momentum starts to grow?

Whether you want to speak full time or on the side, understanding how to scale as your success increases will help you build a sustainable revenue engine without getting overwhelmed or burned out. From business models to taxes and cash flow, this chapter walks you through all the details that make the difference between hobbyists and professional speakers.

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SPEAK Framework Video Course

There are few things that hit you with more “What am I supposed to do now?” moments than growing your speaking career.
That’s why we’re offering access to our S.P.E.A.K. Framework Video Course as a companion video resource to The Successful Speaker. 
In this video course, the S.P.E.A.K. Framework is brought to life with even more visual examples and actionable insights!

Discovery Call and Email Prospecting Templates

Get the exact templates used by our coaches to book over $20,000 in speaking fees in 2 months!
They will walk you through exactly what to say and when to maximize your chances of getting booked and paid to speak.

30 Day Trial To TSS Accelerator LIVE Coaching

If getting access to video lessons and email templates from our team of coaches at The Speaker Lab isn’t enough, you’ll also have access LIVE coaching through a 30-day trial to The Successful Speaker Accelerator (TSSA)! 
This includes 2 LIVE coaching calls per month, the chance to connect with fellow students for feedback and accountability in our private TSSA Private Group, direct email access to our team of coaches so you can get the kind of 1:1 guidance and mentorship that can shave years off your learning curve, as well as access to exclusive giveaways, promos and networking!
Unlike so many other “premium” groups, you will not find any cases of “the blind leading the blind” here. Not only is the entire Speaker Lab team active in the community, but so are all of our most successful students, who know firsthand how to use the TSSA system to grow your speaking business. They will walk you through exactly what to say and when to maximize your chances of getting booked and paid to speak.