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The Master Speaker Program is designed to help people like you — people who are this close to making it big as a paid speaker — by giving you the advanced strategies you need to turn your initial momentum of gigs into a steady cashflow model that allows you to scale your speaking business.

Ready to scale your speaking business to multiple 6 figures?​

The 4 Pillars of the Master Speaker Program:

Learn how to build and maintain a system that encourages consistency and increases efficiency.

Learn how to master the important aspects of financial management necessary to be a full time or viable speaker.

Learn how to leverage momentum and develop long-term client partnerships while increasing profitability.

Learn how to leverage human resources to create space for a speaker to grow and expand a speaking business.

The Master Speaker Program isn't for everyone.

This is our highest-tier, most exclusive training. It’s for the best of the best — the speakers who are getting booked and paid to speak regularly — but who want to scale to multiple 6 figures.

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Hi, I'm Erick Rheam, your
Master Speaker Program instructor.

I’m a speaker and bestselling author who has earned over $1 million in speaking fees from the last 2 years alone. I already have over $1 million in my pipeline for 2023!

As a former student of The Speaker Lab, I now lead our Master Speaker Program where I help other speakers grow and scale their speaking businesses to multiple 6 figures.

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