Student Success Stories

People just like you have worked with us to take their speaking careers to the next level. These are their stories.

Anthony Armstrong
"If you’re reading this, this is your sign to go ahead and give it a try and you'll see if it works for you. If you want it, you will make it work for you."
Dr. Allen Lycka
"I was a good speaker. This turned me into a very good speaker. It also taught me that you are never completely there as a speaker and that you're always going to be learning."
Jason E. Brooks
"That was a key takeaway from The Speaker Lab - solve a problem. Don't speak just to speak; be a problem-solver and make it actionable and repeatable. Also, don’t be surprised when other industries come to you because they too are having the same problem."
Digit Murphy
"The more you do it the more your confidence goes up. When you are making an impact and you are a person of importance for a specific cause, no matter what that might be, it can make a big impact on your life and those who are sitting in your audience."
Theresa Skaar
"I also feel a new level of confidence as I work through the modules. As I distill down my expertise, refine my talk, create my abstract, and so forth… all of these things create a positive compounding effect of more and more confidence."
Dr. Stephanie Duguid
"As you are working through the modules and questions, you have the support of your coaches to help guide you and work through the process. It has really helped me see just how far I can take this business."
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