Episode #371

Why Cash Flow is King

With Erick Rheam

We have to start somewhere right? And we’ve all been there, trying to build a business, cash is tight, and we need to make ends meet.

Erick Rheam, a great friend of TSL, has found incredible success in recent years as his speaking career has taken off. He’s about to release his sixth book and year after year he’s breaking his own income records. So, how is he doing it?

Erick joined us for a deep dive into cash flow management. We’re talking about four must-haves when it comes to building a sustainable business with a solid financial foundation.

There’s no claim here to financial expertise, but you’ll see from our conversation that there is a ton of life experience and business success to learn from as you grow your own speaking career!


  • The cyclical nature of a speaking career
  • Why you need to treat your speaking career like a real business
  • What are money buckets and why do they matter?
  • What it means to “run lean”
  • Why you need a cushion of cash
  • Determining an ROI
  • Evaluating recurring expenses
  • And much more!

Want to know exactly what to say to finally land paid speaking gigs?

We’ll send you the exact three emails you can send to conference planners and event organizers that Grant Baldwin (our founder) used to book over $2M in speaking gigs. 

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