376. The One Thing with Geoff Woods

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#376 Episode

The One Thing with Geoff Woods

Have you found the one? Not that one, but the one thing?

The one and only Geoff Woods joined us for Episode 376 to explain what “the one thing” is and why you need to find it to achieve your goals.

Passionate about how small things make a big difference and why world-class content is a must, Geoff’s approach to productivity and building a business is contagious.

Not only will this episode help you begin your journey to finding “the one thing,” but you’ll also get to hear more about Geoff’s road to becoming co-founder and president of the organization, The One Thing.

How did he get started? By asking a simple question, “How might I be able to help?” And the rest is history! If you’re looking for the one thing that will reignite your “why” and lead you into the future, then this episode is a must!



  • What is “the one thing?”
  • Why does “the one thing matter?”
  • Understanding your goals
  • How to start a new career
  • What it means to prioritize (for real)!
  • Having a job vs. building a business
  • How can you help?
  • How can you find “the one thing?”
  • And much more!

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