Episode #394

How to Find Courage and Try Something Different

With Rob Ferre

What started as a parking attendant at the happiest place on earth, led to a lucrative business as a speaker and entertainer. Rob Ferre has always gravitated to the stage, and now he’s got a highly successful business that has taken him across the globe.

Whether he’s the DJ at a major corporate event or giving their keynote the morning after a celebration, Rob has mastered the fundamentals of keeping an audience engaged and coming back for more! He pivoted through the global pandemic, adapted to the call for virtual gigs, and exudes a level of enthusiasm that provides a fresh take on how to make your own way in the speaking industry.

Rob is passionate about helping others see the possibilities within their speaking business and demonstrates the possibilities through his own skills as a DJ, emcee, keynote speaker, and his work with gamification. He’s giving insight on monetization, gaining access to the industry, and how to balance the evolution of a speaking business.

Whether you’re wondering how to shake things up, or want to hear a story of courage to try something different, then this episode is for you!


  • Developing a unique speaking business model
  • Finding the courage to try something different
  • Is virtual here to stay in the speaking business?
  • Audience engagement and the importance of checking in
  • Why he’s staying in the speaking industry
  • His favorite ride at Disneyland (can you guess?)
  • And much more!


About Rob Ferre

Rob Ferre is an international speaker, emcee, event host, and performer for worldwide events both in-person and virtually.

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