Episode #412

How to Triple Your Income From Speaking

With Jake Thompson

Since finishing a program with The Speaker Lab in 2017, Jake Thompson has had the “pedal to the metal” when it comes to building his brand and speaking career. His momentum and commitment to seizing growth opportunities have allowed him to triple his income and bring incredible value to his audience. Referrals, consulting opportunities, and a passion for the problem he solves brought him to some incredible stages that left him rubbing shoulders with individuals who have transformed the trajectory of his career.

During Episode 412, Jake shares about a new role serving as a fractional executive and how it has challenged him to level up and take the right risks. Jake’s unique journey allows him to bring a ton of insight to our conversation, reminding you to invest in yourself, embrace the “grind” and do it all while still being focused. Jake’s story is incredibly unique and a reminder that opportunity is out there, but you have to have the right mindset to make it work for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What it means to be all-in when building your business
  • How to find the right opportunities that develop your vision
  • The value of referrals and recommendations
  • How to consider career game-changers
  • Why you must invest in yourself
  • Why you have to find your niche and dig even deeper
  • How to hone a genuine passion for the problem you solve
  • And much more!
About Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson teaches people how to compete every day with themselves. Through his lived experiences as an athlete, entrepreneur and speaker, he has battle-tested and mastered the secret to success. From Jake’s first ‘sales job’ at 7, going door-to-door selling Christmas cookies, to his initial business selling branded t-shirts in the trunk of my car, and onto today, as a leading keynote speaker and corporate coach, he’s unlocked what it takes to be a winner.

Through his CE³ Model, Jake helps teams, CEOs, athletes and students develop mental toughness, master consistency, and improve day after day.

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