Episode #434

How to Make Podcasting Work for Your Speaking Business

With Lou Diamond

On The Speaker Lab podcast, we feature guests who find their way to the speaking industry via myriad paths. Sometimes their path is linear, and sometimes the story of how they got to speaking is just as interesting as what they speak about. In Episode 434, you’ll get to hear from one of those speakers–someone who has really done it all! Lou Diamond has worked in marketing, technology, finance, and professional services. He’s a speaker, author, consultant, and expert podcaster, and he has a lot to share.

Lou’s journey to speaking involves a lot of the lessons we love to emphasize at The Speaker Lab. Discovering his unique ability for connecting with people allowed him to find an organic niche that suited his message and his experience–one of the most important steps to launching your speaking business. As demand for his speaking services increased, he had to make a lot of tough decisions about where to put his time and energy to further his career. These days, he splits his time three ways, between sales and leadership consulting, speaking, and podcasting. His story is full of tips for taking your speaking material and turning it into a new product, like a book, course, or podcast.

Not only does he run his own podcast, Thrive LouD, which recently featured our very own Grant Baldwin as a guest, but he teaches others how to maximize business opportunities through podcasting. In this episode, Lou will walk you through how to make podcasting work for your speaking business, as both a guest and a host. Speakers have a lot of unique traits that are well-suited to podcasting, so if this isn’t a marketing avenue you’ve considered, today’s show is well worth the listen.

You’ll also learn all about:

  • When it’s time to write a book.
  • How to pick the right lane for your podcast.
  • How to leverage social media toward getting invited onto podcasts.
  • Why you should prepare for podcast appearances like you would for a keynote.
  • How to deliver your message in a way that resonates the most.
  • What monetization techniques can turn podcasting into passive income.
  • Why it’s ok if people don’t listen to your podcast.
  • …and so much more!
About Lou Diamond

Lou Diamond is a dynamic speaker and master connector who will energize and motivate your organization to explode your sales, retain your clients and build a thriving culture. For over 25 years he has been a top sales performer, keynote speaker and performance mentor. Lou is a consultant; best-selling author; podcast & TV host; and CEO of Thrive, helping businesses, leaders and brands thrive through the power of connecting.

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