Episode #437

Finding Your Core Mission

With Michelle Onuorah

Our amazing TSL coaches do a lot of great work helping our students accelerate their speaking careers through our programs.

But beyond their great work at TSL, our coaches are people with their own amazing journeys inside and outside of the speaking industry. 

This week on the Coaches Corner, our director of student success Maryalice Goldsmith interviewed coach Michelle Onuorah about her mission, her speaking career, and how she ended up at The Speaker Lab.  Michelle is a faith-filled go-getter with so much passion for life, and Episode 437 gives you just a taste of what you might learn from her if you enroll in one of our programs.

Michelle started out as a TSL student before she started coaching for us (a story shared by many of our coaches, like Erick Rheam). Her mission had already fired her up to run a life coaching business and publish a book when she decided to dig deeper into the opportunities afforded by speaking. Michelle is an ideator and innovator with a professional story marked by constantly trying new things. Her experience as a TSL Booked & Paid to Speak student helped her to hone in on her audience, focus on her core mission, and come to terms with not being able to do everything for everyone.

Michelle’s story will inspire anybody struggling to stay on top of all their entrepreneurial visions. Prioritizing the most important initiatives in alignment with your goals is no small task when you have a dozen ideas percolating at once! Michelle and Maryalice also offer some much-needed insight into how to develop and pitch services (like coaching) and educational resources (like books and courses) that help your audience follow the solutions you speak about all the way through. This episode offers some great lessons in how a business based on a powerful mission can evolve over time, especially if you want to expand your impact.

You’ll also learn all about: 

  • How to form a mission statement connected to the impact you want to create
  • The relationship between heritage, spirituality, and your mission
  • What Prophetic Listening is and how Michelle built a business around it
  • Why TSL is such a powerful community when you’re facing rejection
  • How to make it as easy as possible for your audience to buy your products after a talk
  • How keeping your website up-to-date affects your lead generation
  • Strategies for pivoting your business when you’re suffering from burnout
  • …and so much more!
About Michelle Onuorah

Michelle Onuorah is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She’s written five bestselling novels, two non-fiction books and founded the Center for Prophetic Listening™, a remote life coaching agency. Her work as a speaker, author and eCourse creator centers around creating a safe place for people to hear God’s voice. Michelle is an alumna of BPS Elite and specializes in helping students design an expert positioning statement they love as well as leverage their speaking into a successful personal brand.

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