Episode #452

How to Develop Your Expert Positioning Statement (EPS)

With Michelle Onuorah

Our system here at The Speaker Lab includes establishing non-negotiable elements of a successful speaking business early. Once you establish these fundamentals, you get to move on to the “fun” stuff like preparing your talk and creating snazzy marketing materials. While our coaches can only personally guide you through creating these steps in our coaching programs, they also come on the podcast to introduce some of the most important pieces of the great puzzle that is your speaking business. One of those fundamental pieces is your Expert Positioning Statement (EPS). This week, TSL coach Michelle Onuorah joined our director of student success Maryalice Goldsmith for Episode 452 of The Speaker Lab Podcast to dig into what an EPS is and why it’s so important. 

If your speaking business is a pyramid, your EPS is the foundation. If that sounds like a big deal, it is! At the core of every good speaking platform is solving a problem for a particular audience. In your EPS, the solutions you offer, the people you serve, and the transformation you hope to effect all come together into one statement. Discovering your EPS is all about getting clear on the vision toward which your entire speaking business is oriented. This process isn’t just helpful to building out your business strategy–it will also empower you to act more boldly in the speaker marketplace. Accurately communicating and the value you bring to the table helps you recognize your own worth and promote your business accordingly.

Michelle and Maryalice share great tips for how your EPS keeps you on track by emphasizing what you’re best at. It reflects who you are and the types of people you want to attract. It acts as the compass for your personal branding journey so that your clients and audience know exactly what they’re getting when they hire you or see you walk on stage. While formulating your EPS can be an intimidating challenge, our coaches will walk you through how it’s actually an incredible opportunity to focus on yourself and your brand.

You’ll also learn all about:

  • Why your EPS matters even before your speaking business gets off the ground.
  • How formulating your EPS can help you avoid the toxic comparison trap.
  • When to adapt or expand your EPS.
  • How your demeanor and exterior affect the clients you attract.
  • Why clarity breeds confidence in the speaking world.
  • How to align the elements of your brand in the direction you want your business to go.
  • …and so much more!
About Michelle Onuorah

Michelle Onuorah is a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She’s written five bestselling novels, two non-fiction books and founded the Center for Prophetic Listening™, a remote life coaching agency. Her work as a speaker, author and eCourse creator centers around creating a safe place for people to hear God’s voice. Michelle is an alumna of The Speaker Lab and specializes in helping students design an expert positioning statement they love as well as leverage their speaking into a successful personal brand.

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