Episode #461

Leveraging Discipline and Resilience to Grow Your Business

With Katherine Johnson

“We absolutely have the ability to cultivate a growth mindset, which will put us it makes us more resilient. It gives us the ability to see opportunities and connect more easily with people. We move through the world very differently, and it gives you a different energy to go about the task of building a business.”

Katherine Johnson, one of our incredible Speaker Lab coaches, is back on the podcast this week sharing her expertise on reprogramming your mindset — a helpful tool in building the speaking business of your dreams. For most, a negative or fixed mindset is a breeding ground for failure, but how do you change that? 

 “I’m always growing. I don’t know how to do this piece. This may feel hard right now, but what I know is I can look back at my past life and be like, I can do hard things.”

Katherine and Maryalice dig into:

  • Tips on how to build resilience
  • Why you need discipline
  • How to overcome failure 
  • What it looks like to transition to a growth mindset 
  • How to assess our experiences and the stories we tell ourselves for quality in the decision-making process 
  • What metrics matter when you’re building a business 
  • Ways to recover when you learn a hard or expensive lesson 
  • And more! 

“I think of resilience as coming from focusing more on the activities you’re doing and their effectiveness over the long run instead of focusing on the results. Right. Because if we take that idea of, let’s say bamboo, right? Bamboo. At first, there are certain kinds. You plant it, you water, water, water. You don’t see anything. And then all of a sudden, you can get a foot of growth a day. Right? Well, we have to focus on what you’re doing in your speaking business and as a speaker, looking at the activities, and that those compound and they stack. But if you take a snapshot in any moment and you are just like, well, this must mean X, Y or Z, and you walk away, you’re doing a huge disservice to yourself.”

Episode Chapters

00:02:13 Mindset impacts everything. Positive mindset is crucial.

00:06:52 Questions to focus on learning and reprograming thought processes.

00:11:33 Embrace new opportunities and see what happens.

00:15:28 Open to learning, failures lead to success.

00:16:36 How to bounce back when things go wrong.

00:22:39 Consistently prioritize key tasks to achieve success.

00:24:41 Focus on growth mindset, set realistic expectations. Seek coaching for perspective and progress.

About Katherine Johnson

Katherine has helped speakers for over 8 years amplify their message and stand out for the right reasons. A sought-after presence and personal brand consultant, she teaches speakers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs how to effectively use their authentic presence and personal brand to position themselves and go from ordinary to outstanding. Working with speakers all over the world, her unique and integrative approach incorporates expertise in image consulting, personal branding, Positive Intelligence™ Mental Fitness coaching, and Core Values Index™ leadership development.

Katherine earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and her master’s degree from Lewis and Clark College, developing a passion for peak performance and mindset as an elite athlete and 10-time National Champion. She has spoken on stages across North America, successfully launched an online course and group programs, and has been interviewed by the NY Times for her work with high-visibility women leaders in public service. A deep thinker and heartfelt guide, she helps speakers unlock the inner and outer game of presence and tap into their winning formula for success.

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