Episode #469

Protecting & Balancing Your Energy for Success

With Angie Besignano

“And it’s interesting because our self talk starts at the very beginning of our day. So the minute you become conscious before, sometimes you even open your eyes, what’s your first thought? Right? Is it something positive? Or is it like, oh, my back is killing me. Well, guess what? That is the underlying tone and theme for the rest of your day.”

Maryalice is back on the podcast with another one of our awesome coaches. This week, we’re welcoming Angie Besignano for her first time on the podcast. Maryalice and Angie run through her background and then dig into one of Angie’s areas of expertise, energy management.

“We need to treat our energy and our energetic goals as intentionally as we do our business goals.”

If you’re unsure what energy management is or how to regulate and audit the amount of energy you need to create success. In this episode, Maryalice and Angie talk about:

  • The 4 types of energy
  • How the energy types are connected and they work together to impact your life
  • Regulating and auditing your energy
  • What goes into protecting your energy and your priorities
  • How to develop better habits regarding your energy
  • Why protecting your energy leads to more success
  • Maintain a steady energy level when good and bad things happen


“Do it, do it for 14 days and then tell me how do you feel then and now? And hands down, it’s like, I can’t believe this being big miracle happened. Like, I can’t believe I feel so much better.”

Episode Chapters:

  • [00:03:48] Why is energy is fundamental to a balanced life.
  • [00:09:41] How the 4 energies are connected.
  • [00:12:52] How to approach balancing you energy.
  • [00:14:14] What to look for and priortize when you get busy.
  • [00:19:40] How to begin regulating your energy.
  • [00:23:51] What it looks like to create compounding habits for energy success.
  • [00:26:09] Developing awareness to the interconnectedness of the 4 energies.
  • [00:29:31] Use the tools you have to leverage your power.
  • [00:34:42] Delegate energy-draining tasks to protect growth.
  • [00:38:22] Learn how to prioritze selfcare.
  • [00:40:03] Your energy compounds, positively or negatively, you get to decide.
About Angie Besignano

Angie is a Certified High-Performance Coach with 35 years of experience in Human Development. She’s built her coaching practice with the help of her speaking career and she works with our TSL students to gain clarity and confidence to build a speaking business of their own. Originally from NJ, Angie now lives in AZ with her puppies and her people.

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