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  • Savina

    Hello, Grant!

    Would you let me into a little secret?-
    You are speaking faster than anyone on the web. Nonetheless, I have got every single word of your mouth. What is it, that you have? A perfect diction, articulation or it is just me, having some kind of strange problem with my brain?

    Also, when you speak you always sound extremely confident, that I- the receiver of your speech will take it on board,

    Smile (only at the beginning and the end of the speech), Savina

    • Grant

      HA! Thanks Savina…I do like to talk fast 🙂

  • Grant:

    Recently started listening to your podcast. Great production and audio qualities. In show #6 where you talked about what should be in a speaker agreement/contract, I thought you had mentioned a template that could be downloaded. Didnt see one on the website. Did I misunderstand something ?

    I like the term agreement over contract, less likely to get a legal departments hackles in an uproar.


  • Arun

    Since high school I always wanted to get up on stage and speak… Although I haven’t done much talking formally on stage, I would love to but the problem is I can’t narrow down to single topic, I love persuasive speaking. Can’t niche it down to single topic. How do I find topic what I love

    Looking for your reply

    Thank you

  • Hey mate, the webinar singup link on this page goes to a 404:

    Love what you’re doing!



    • Grant

      Thanks for the heads up Will! Looks like it should be working now 🙂

  • Katie Goodman

    Hey Grant. This is all so helpful. Quick question. You mentioned putting in our contracts two things: property (so video tapping us and not selling it) and merch (selling our books without giving them a cut) but could you possibly spell out the language you use for that exactly? Thank you!!

  • Wow! Great thnigink! JK

  • DrRay Charles

    Grant, I am a huge Podcast Listener. I recently came across your Podcast. It is an early birthday gift (My birthday, September 1st). I’ve shut down all other podcasts and I’m listening to the Speaker Lab podcast exclusively. My Goal is to be caught up with all 84+ Podcasts before my birthday and implement at least 52 techniques (nothing magical about the number 52 other than 52 weeks/yr). Bar none, one of my best birthday gifts…..

  • Hi Grant. Thank you for the wealth of great information on your podcasts. I wanted to ask you something since you are a former pastor. I was a Christian for a while and had a spiritual awakening. My position is not so popular anymore and I think this is going to make it difficult to get bookings. Do you have any advice, suggestions or comments for helping a speaker with an unpopular viewpoint to get placements? Thanks.

    • John…well it depends on if those viewpoints are communicated in your marketing or your speech itself. If not, and they are just personal beliefs that you don’t express, then it shouldn’t affect anything. But if it’s something you want to talk about and is controversial, then you would most likely have a difficult time getting booked by people who don’t share the same viewpoint. That make sense?

      • Yes it makes sense. I will just have to accept the consequences. Thanks Grant.

  • Do you have an affiliate program for the upcoming speaking event?

  • Jess Adam

    Hi Grant! I’m a beginner to speaking, where can I find information on speaker training? I live in the New York.

    • Go to to get more details on our online trainings 🙂

  • Sarah Leeper

    Hi Grant! I am a college freshman and I will soon be starting my journey to becoming a speaker. I want to stay in college and earn my degree. What college major would you suggest to be the most beneficial to someone like me whose end goal is becoming a full time speaker? I am currently a broadcast journalism major, but I’m thinking that may not be right for this field. Thank you so much for your time!

    • I would actually focus on getting a business degree. Perhaps something along the lines of marketing. There’s lots of great speakers who have no idea how to find and book gigs.

      That being said, my degree is in nothing related to business or speaking. So I don’t think you have to have a degree in order to be a speaker. In fact, several speaker friends I know either dropped out of college or never even went. Depending on what you want to speak on, a college degree may not be that relevant.

  • John Antonacci

    Hi Grant, my name is John Antonacci. I signed up for your live webinar for Tuesday, November 22 @ 7 am Central. I am in San Diego, so it is of course 5 pm central time. I just found out that I have to work, my work schedule changes every week, so it is out of my control. When can I schedule another live Webinar, or at least I want to hear a recorded session. My email address is

    • Hey John…go ahead and register and we may send out a replay 🙂

  • Kate Garnes

    Hey Grant!! My name is Kate Garnes! I just wanted you to know how much I love your podcast! It is revolutionizing my motivational speaking journey.
    I do have one question. I want to make motivational speaking my full time career, but I know that my audience are ages 18-30, the people who have grown up and are learning to live in a world driven by facebook, starbucks, netflix, takeout chinese food, and uber. I know that my audience is probably mostly high schools and colleges. SO I guess my main question is, IS it possible to make money when I’m not really aiming at big companies and cooperation?? I hope that makes sense!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Kate! You can absolutely make a living speaking to high schools/colleges. That’s exactly what I did for a good portion of my career. Make it happen!