132. How to Find Your Big Idea With Tamsen Webster

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Tamsen Webster joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to discuss TED Talks, TEDx Talks, and more!

It isn’t often we have guests come back for a second visit but today’s guest is a special one! Tamsen Webster is here for her second conversation on The Speaker Lab.

If you missed her first appearance on the show check out episode 118 where we talk all about Ted and TEDx Talks. And if you didn’t hear that show you probably don’t know that Tamsen is the Executive Director of TEDx Cambridge, and is also the CEO and Founder of her company, Strategic Speaking.

On this edition of The Speaker Lab, we’re diving deep into how to find your “big idea” for your talks. Tamsen calls herself part idea whisperer, part message strategist, and part magpie. You’ll hear why when you tune in to this episode of The Speaker Lab!


  • What is the purpose of speaking, according to Tamsen?
  • What is psychological reactance and how do you work with it?
  • Three key components to finding your big idea: what are they?
  • Which of the three components should you start with?
  • What will make your talk 1,000x better than it is right now?
  • How to go from breakout sessions and do more keynote sessions.
  • Why you can’t reverse engineer the need for your audience, and what to do instead.
  • What is the hardest question for a speaker to answer?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Marketing doesn’t move people, meaning does.” – Tamsen Webster



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