3 Things Speakers Should Consider Before Using ChatGPT

“This is a relationship business, and while ChatGPT may give you the words, you need to make the words your own… You can’t just have random marketing copy and expect it to further the relationship.”

TSL Coach Jeremy Rochford is back for another edition of our Coaches Corner podcast with Maryalice this week. Together, they dug into how speakers can effectively leverage AI to enhance and develop their content. 

Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation:  

AI is not a replacement for your own words.

Jeremy talks about how AI is generative without being emotionally intelligent. Suppose you’re using AI without considering the outputs through the lens of the audience. Jeremy gives the example of negotiating an IEP for your child. You’re not going to go into the meeting with a script. You know what your child needs based on the language you and your kiddo use to talk about it at home. 

You can use AI to help you flesh out an idea, but the final product needs to be written in your own words to tailor it to the specific situation. 

AI is not your silver bullet for great content. 

Jeremy references that we’re at a point in history where a lot of what we’re seeing in the world as a whole is a combination of things that already exist with a personal twist. Think about music. There are only so many chords and notes. But, artists can incorporate those things into patterns and add their flair to make it unique. 

As this applies to speakers, when you use AI to gather ideas or flesh out content, it’s going to be remixed. AI doesn’t have the ability to differentiate it by adding a unique flair or perspective to create something remarkable. 

Use AI to generate talking points that you fill in with your personal stories or expertise. Ask ChatGPT to argue with you about the industry you’re in so you get prompted to explore a bigger train of thought. Use it to push your content forward!

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AI cannot build an authentic relationship with your audience for you.

When it comes to creating authentic relationships in your speaking, Maryalice says it best. 

“You’re not speaking to them or preaching to them. You’re actually engaging in conversation. And that takes emotions and feelings and the way that you work the stage. It’s a whole skill set, right?”

Developing great content serves no purpose if you can’t authentically share it with your audience in a way that draws them into the story and allows them to connect with the message you have to share deeply. If you focus on changing lives, it becomes abundantly clear that Chat GPT can’t be the one-size-fits-all solution some people are trying to use it as. 

Ready to hear more? Check out Episode 473 of The Speaker Lab podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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