3 Things To Think About To Build a Successful Speaking Business From Joey Coleman

Whether you’re buying a tractor or a loaf of bread, every human has innate desires of connection that we want to experience. 

Joey Coleman is a two-time WSJ Best Selling Author and professional speaker who joined us on the podcast with Grant to chat about his story, how he thinks about facilitating discovery calls, and serving all the audiences in the room. 

Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation:  

Speaking expectations have changed. 

When it comes to the forethought of planning for events, many event planners are operating on a tighter timeline and schedule. Instead of booking events 12 months out, event planners are 3-6 weeks out when planning now. 

The expectations around presenting as a whole have shifted, too. When it comes to the engagement of audience members who are participating online, we have to be intentional about including the virtual audiences and the way we entertain groups as a whole. 

A few ideas include having a second screen with the chat or having a confidence-style monitor where you can see and interact with the virtual ones. As a speaker, you have to turn up the energy on captivating and creating great experiences for everyone involved. 

You serve three audiences as a speaker. 

Every speaker will serve the event planner, the person writing the check, and the audience. However, you serve them all in slightly different ways. 

Your marketing materials, demo reels, websites, etc., should focus on serving the event planner answering “who you are and what you do” and the person writing the check answering “what is the ROI of hiring this speaker?”. 

When you get to the event, you begin serving the audience, showing up, engaging, creating a space where they learn, and walk away with some type of transformation. 

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Prove your value during the discovery call. 

The discovery call is a big opportunity to show your worth, expertise, and ability to provide a solution that will create a transformation. 

When running a great discovery call, it’s important to show the cost they are investing in you and the ROI they will see if you come in. Focus on the niche problem you solve and the transformation you create for an audience. 

Ask great questions, research these audiences’ unique problems, and pitch the transformation the attendees will walk away with. 

Ready to hear more? Check out Episode 464 of The Speaker Lab podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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