3 Tips to Launch a Speaking Career You Love with Bruce Wawrzyniak

Hope is not a growth strategy for your business. 

Bruce Wawrzyniak is a TSL alum who joined us on the podcast with Maryalice Goldsmith to discuss his story. They covered everything from what he speaks on, how he got into speaking, and what he’s learned as a TSL student that has transformed his speaking business. 

Here are the top 3 takeaways from their conversation:  

Your happiness matters! 

Bruce’s signature talk is based on getting “unstuck” and using happiness to unlock your creative potential. He believes we all get to choose the journey our lives will take, and learning how to take into the happiness around us is a big part of that journey! 

Sure, it can seem like a boatload of weird and random advice. However, Bruce’s unique background has taught him about perspective, gratitude, and discipline. If you want to build a life or career you love, this episode will dig into the importance of your happiness amid the heavy things that life throws at us. Check it out! 

Not all gigs are created equal. 

When we’re early in our speaking days, it’s easy to say “yes” to every gig. As you start to refine a niche, understand your worth as a speaker, and create an impactful experience for your audience, it won’t make sense to say yes to everything. 

One of the things TSL taught Bruce was how to think about gigs critically. It’s important to evaluate if they are a good fit or not. The example Bruce gives is turning down a gig that paid okay. However, they weren’t accounting for his two-and-a-half hours of travel time. When you factor in the other expenses that go into booking a gig, not every gig makes sense for your business. 

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Find your lane if you want to drive fast. 

Before taking his speaking career seriously, he was trying to drive in all the lanes. He wasn’t making an impact and was struggling to get steady bookings. A good friend of Bruce’s once said, “Bruce, at some point, you got to pick one of those because you can’t do all those things at the same time and be successful at all of them. You got to pick the one and stick with it and really be good at that!”

After joining the Speaker Lab program and going through the SPEAK Framework, Bruce found his lane and then took off. When you know the problem you solve and the transformation you create, it’s really easy to accelerate your speaking career. 

Ready to hear more? Check out Episode 463 of The Speaker Lab podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. 


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