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Unpacking Brené Brown's TED Talk: Harnessing Vulnerability for Success
Discover how Brené Brown's TED talk on vulnerability can transform your leadership and innovation strategies for success in life and business.
Finding the Best Life Coach Near You: A Comprehensive Guide
Learn how to find the best life coach near you, evaluate their credentials, and prepare for a transformative journey in personal growth.
Rethinking Stress: Breaking Down Kelly McGonigal's TED Talk
Explore insights from Kelly McGonigal's TED Talk as we dive into stress transformation techniques for peak performance and health.
How to Write a Professional Bio – and 6 Great Examples
Today we'll talk about why your professional bio matters, share a rough template for your bio, and share six professional bio examples for several situations that might be applicable to your own needs.
Say Cheese! How to Level Up Your Brand with Professional Headshots
Level up your personal brand and make a lasting impression with professional headshots. Here are a few tips to make that happen!
How to Write a Successful Children's Book
Discover how to write a children's book that captivates young minds. Dive into character creation, storyline crafting, and the path to publishing success!
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How Much to Charge for Speaking?
How much should you charge for professional speaking gigs? Learn how much you can make as a public speaker.
How to go from Speaking for Free to Getting Paid to Speak
How can I stop speaking for free and get paid to speak? Where to find paid speaking gigs, how much to charge, and more tips inside!
5 things you should know about speakers bureaus
Speakers often think they need a speakers bureau in order to get booked and paid to speak. Here's why that's not always the case.
How the SPEAK Framework™ Helped Me Build A 7-Figure Speaking Career
Whether you want to speak full time or on the side, understanding how to scale as your success increases will help you build a sustainable revenue engine without getting overwhelmed or burned out.
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Our Best Tips for Becoming a Better Speaker

10 Years of Speaking Summed Up in 3 Tips from Matt Matkovich & Phil Januszewski
"And we said that it would be kind of cool to have a message to remind people that you don't have to necessarily go through the deepest valleys or the highest mountains to truly evaluate and appreciate your life."
3 Ways to Use Geographical Prospecting to Get More Paid Speaking Gigs from Erick Rheam
"Just because you land a gig, it doesn't stop there. How can you parlay that into more gigs?"
3 Things You Should Know About Starting a Podcast from John Ball
"Podcasts are a slow burn, so you really do have to manage your expectations and know that there are so many good reasons for doing it."
3 Speaking Tips You've Probably Never Heard Before from Matt Abrahams
"The single most precious commodity we have in the world today, in my mind, is attention."
3 Things No One Tells You About Being a Speaker
“I was all about relationship versus just my presentation."
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