Our #1 Tip for Finding Great Leads from Eve Gilmore

This week on The Speaker Lab Podcast, Eve Gilmore, the Lead Manager here at TSL, is sharing her expertise on finding the right leads. Eve curates lead lists day in and day out, so she knows a few things about finding the right people, asking the right questions, and getting creative with the job titles you’re looking at and pitching to.

If you’re trying to get booked and paid to speak, it’s really easy to try to talk to everyone.

Eve digs into so much great stuff that you should check out the whole podcast here.

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But one thing we can’t stop thinking about is how your lead list should reflect you and your speaking business in a personal way.

“Something I see so often, is they [our students] fill out this lead submission form and we say, ‘hey, what industries do you want to impact? Or what industries do you want to speak for?’ And I will tell you, eight times out of ten, a student will select every single industry. That always is interesting to me because I almost always know that they’re not going to be satisfied with their lead list because they’re going to get it and they’re going to look at it and go, ‘well, this doesn’t represent who I am at all.’ And it’s like, good, I’m glad you feel that way. I’m glad you recognize that because when I was putting together your lead list, I didn’t really know who you were either, to be honest. Right. If you select every single industry we provide you with, you’re going to get a lead list that doesn’t really show much of who you are. So I always love when I get those emails because, yes, of course, I’m like, darn, they’re not happy with the lead list, but it’s also a good sign.

It’s a good sign that they’re looking at it and saying, oh, my gosh, there’s no representation of who I am in this list.

So then I always ask, ‘okay, here’s all the industries you selected. If you could just only pick three, which three would you choose?’ And then I’ll make a new one. And they’re always satisfied with it. So it does make a difference to be specific and to also just be honest with yourself. Do you actually really want to go speak to a group of people who work in software? If your message is on overcoming adversity, is that really people you want to speak to? Because that’s what you selected as an industry. So I love when that happens because now we get to get specific and I get to see them have a light in their eyes and a light bulb go off with, oh, my gosh, why did I select every industry? I don’t everyone. So it does make a big difference.”

Check out the whole episode here.


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