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We are proud of the positive reviews we’ve received from our students, who have worked with The Speaker Lab to make their businesses more efficient, predictable, and profitable. See just a few examples below!

Pamela used Grant’s advice to make her presentation better than it had ever been before!

Learn how Bryan used the BPS framework to land his first speaking gig for $7,000.

The Speaker Lab has helped Kate streamline her business and become a much better negotiator of her pricing.

Jared now has a framework that he can use to pursue speaking on an ongoing basis.

Discover how Rick turned one speaking gig into three more plus consulting work with multiple companies using the BPS system.

Pat nailed his keynote presentation after Grant sat down and worked with him on some of the tougher points in his talk.

Jeff has used Grant’s methods to tell better stories, grow as a speaker, and truly impact his audience.

BPS Elite Student Dr. Sue Ettinger is now speaking a few times a month and growing her veterinary career as a professional speaker.

Email From a TSL Student

“Hello TSL Team,
Thank you for your email. I’m afraid I’ve stalled in my training. But humorously enough it’s for a good reason – because of the program! I’m stalled in the setting up the CRM module. I wanted to wait until I had the list that was sent to me before I set up the CRM. However, during my process of identifying my first 25 qualified leads, I actually went ahead and made contacts with some of them…
And I have secured the following speaking gigs:
  • Tampa in February for $1,000
  • Las Vegas in November as a co-presenter for $1,000
  • Las Vegas in November as a solo presenter for $2,000
  • Virtual presenter in October for $2,000
  • Virtual moderator in October for $1,500
Because of these gigs and my full time university position kicking back into gear at the beginning of Fall semester, I am SLAMMED with work! So, I have still not set up my CRM or done any coaching calls for a LONG time. I would love to get in some before I can no longer, but knowing how busy you all are, I may have missed my window. I will look and see. Thanks again for the email and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far!

Quote From a TSL Alumnus

“Year to date, I have had 12 paid speaking gigs and 2 free speaking gigs. I have made a total of $38,400 for those gigs ($3200/gig average). In addition, I have made $13,950 to date for written and video content for clients and $20,700 for faith-based events. If my math is correct, that is $73,050 year to date. I have another $5,100 scheduled for the rest of the year.”
– Jay Thompson 

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