Breaking Down Tim Urban’s TED Talk on Procrastination

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Ever found yourself scrambling to meet a deadline while cursing your past decisions? If so, you’re not alone. Tim Urban’s TED talk dives deep into the world of procrastination, revealing why we put off tasks until the last minute. This presentation isn’t just another lecture; it’s a journey through the mind of a master procrastinator—one that might sound eerily familiar.

In his engaging talk, Urban unpacks the battle between our brain’s “rational decision-maker” and its “instant gratification monkey.” More than just introducing terms, however, he provides an eye-opening perspective on how this internal tug-of-war impacts our productivity and personal goals.

Understanding Tim Urban’s TED Talk on Procrastination

In his viral TED Talk, “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator,” Tim Urban takes us on a hilarious and insightful journey into the mind of a chronic procrastinator. With his signature stick figure illustrations and self-deprecating humor, Urban breaks down the thought process that leads him (and many of us) to put off important tasks until the last possible moment.

Key Takeaways from Tim Urban’s TED Talk

In his TED Talk, Urban introduces the concept of the “rational decision-maker” and the “instant gratification monkey,” two key players in the procrastinator’s mind. He explains how the rational decision-maker is the part of our brain that knows what we should be doing, while the instant gratification monkey is the part that just wants to have fun and avoid anything difficult or boring.

Procrastination occurs when we let the instant gratification monkey have its way. If left in charge for too long, the monkey causes a third character—called the “panic monster”—to wake up. As the name suggests, this character appears when deadlines loom and procrastinators are spurred into action through sheer panic.

While Urban uses these three characters to tell a story about himself, the truth is that everyone procrastinates to some degree. In fact, we all have a rational decision maker, instant gratification monkey, and panic monster in our heads. The real takeaway here, though, is that procrastination can prevent us from achieving our full potential if we don’t learn to manage it. Relying on the panic monster to get things done only leads to last-minute rushing and stress. Instead of using this character as a crutch, Urban encourages us to find other ways to manage our procrastination tendencies.

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What Public Speakers Can Learn from Tim Urban’s TED Talk

Urban’s TED Talk has over 70 million views, a strong indicator of his engaging presentation style. For public speakers who are just getting started, or who may be considering giving a TED Talk, let’s take a look at some of the skills he utilized in his presentation.

3 Public Speaking Tips

When you analyze Urban’s TED Talk closely, you’ll find there are three main methods he uses to engage his audience.

First, he uses relatable analogies and metaphors to explain complex ideas. Just consider the way Urban explained procrastination using his three characters. Although Urban does not use data or refer to any sort of research in his talk, the relatable analogy rings true for his audience and helps them better grasp procrastination. A method like this can be a life-saver for speakers of all kinds.

Second, Urban utilizes visuals to complement his message. Throughout his TED Talk, Urban presents very simple stick-figure illustrations. Each one tells a different part of his story and helps his audience track each scene. Although his slides varied significantly from the TED Talk norm, they nevertheless worked seamlessly with his presentation. If you’re a speaker who tends to spend a lot of time on your slides, then take courage. Urban demonstrates that your slides don’t have to be extra sleek or dazzling in order to be serviceable.

Third, Urban incorporates humor into his talk. This skill is one of the trickiest to nail as a speaker, yet Urban does it with finesse. His trick is to embed his humor in his storytelling. By telling a personal, relatable story and pairing it with humorous illustrations, Urban is able to keep his audience entertained. So if you’ve ever doubted the power of storytelling—don’t. As a speaker, you’ll need it to help your jokes land.

The Impact of Tim Urban’s Ideas Beyond the TED Stage

The TED stage isn’t the only place that Tim Urban is known for. In addition to being a published author, he also runs the blog Wait But Why. This blog covers a wide range of topics including science, technology, philosophy, politics, and more. With his signature stick figure illustrations and a humorous yet informative writing style, Urban make complex subjects engaging and accessible. Popular series include his posts on Elon Musk, the Fermi Paradox, artificial intelligence and even relationships.

Stimulating Conversations Inspired by Wait But Why

Beyond just reading these blog posts, it’s possible to use them as topics for dialogue. Some thought-provoking conversations could include:

  • What are the implications of advanced AI and how should we prepare for it as a society?
  • Given the vastness of the universe, what do you think is the likelihood that alien life exists? What would it mean for humanity?
  • How can we balance living in the moment with planning for the future?
  • What are the keys to maintaining happy, healthy long-term relationships?
  • How will emerging technologies like AR, VR, and neurotech change how we live and work in the coming decades?

These topics are sure to spark some lively discussions and debates among friends and family. They nudge us to dive deep into the big questions and exciting possibilities that help shape our world.

By exploring these thought-provoking themes in our own conversations, we can gain new perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and expand our understanding of the world. So next time you gather around the dinner table, consider bringing up one of these blog-inspired topics. You never know what you might learn about others—or yourself.

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FAQs on Tim Urban’s Ted Talk

What is the main point of Tim Urban’s TED Talk?

Urban delves into the reasons behind procrastination, explaining how our brains often favor immediate gratification over long-term goals.

What is Tim Urban famous for?

Urban is renowned for his blog Wait But Why, where he simplifies and humorously presents complex concepts.

What was Tim Urban’s main problem in college?

During his college years, Urban battled with procrastination, notably beginning a 90-page thesis at the eleventh hour.

How did Tim plan to do his 90-page thesis and what actually happened?

Urban had planned for months of work on his thesis, but ended up cramming all the work into a few panic-driven days before the deadline.


In reflecting upon Tim Urban’s TED Talk, we discover more than just a humorous college story about the perils of procrastination. In fact, we find a narrative on human behavior, choice-making under pressure, and ultimately redemption through understanding oneself better. At its core, Urban’s talk challenges viewers to reconsider their daily habits in pursuit of meaningful accomplishments over momentary pleasures. By harnessing our time wisely, we can seize opportunities we might have otherwise missed. So—are you ready embrace change?


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