310. How to Shift to Virtual Speaking

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#310 Episode

How to Shift to Virtual Speaking

How to shift to virtual speaking is something many speakers are exploring now, and our guest is sharing with us some of his best strategies for doing so.

Brian Lord has been an agent at Premiere Speakers Bureau for over 25 years. His career began in college when he booked gigs for local talent, including a gospel singer and speaker. Fast forward two decades later and he’s still going strong!

On this episode of The Speaker Lab he shares what he is seeing in the speaking world today in light of the current pandemic. You’ll hear how this pandemic compares to other dips in the market and his advice for new and established speakers.

Be sure to join us for that and more on episode 310 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Will virtual speaking have a real place in the future?
  • How are fees shifting in the new virtual space?
  • Is there a different skill set to be funny on video versus live?
  • Why your content must be delivered in a different way.
  • Are there any best practices that are exceptionally effective right now?
  • Do you need a different demo for virtual gigs?
  • Are all good speakers also good at speaking virtually?
  • Is it taking event teams longer to book speaking talent?
  • And so much more!

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