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Help us give speakers clarity, confidence, and a clear path to make an impact.

Why Work With Us

Work Remotely

Contribute to great work with a phenomenal team from anywhere! We’re a totally remote company. We have team members across the US collaborating to make TSL work.

Make an Impact

We’re making an impact when working with speakers, who are in turn sharing their message with the world.

Join an Awesome Team

Our culture supports people, the people on the team and the people we serve. It’s high energy, fast paced, and collaborative. We work hard together and give it our all.

What We Do

  • Our courses & coaching have helped thousands of speakers to start and grow a profitable speaking business.
  • We help speakers at all levels in their journey.
  • We want to be a guide to show them where to go but also help instill the confidence that they can do this.


In order to offer this training, coaching experience, and community for speakers, our team works together behind the scenes to make The Speaker Lab happen.

Our Core Values


We believe people matter so we serve them by respecting their journey, celebrating their success, building long-term relationships and helping them achieve fulfillment in their work.


We believe ownership means that when you identify a problem, you take responsibility for the solution, and you follow through on the implementation.


We believe growth means cultivating a culture that encourages challenging the status quo, evolving to meet market needs, and a commitment to personal and professional development.

Our Story

We’re a fast-growing company that has grown 189% over the past 3 years and now has a core team of 32 people located all across the US (Seattle to SoCal to Utah to DC to PA to FL). We are a virtual company so everyone works remote (but Grant does his best to recruit us to Nashville).

We do work that matters and we do it in a fun way with a top-notch team of people. We treat you like an adult. Be responsible, get your work done, and we’ll be fine.

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Current Openings

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Fill out this application and tell us why you’re a great fit for our team. We’ll add you to our prospective applicant list when new positions open up. Don’t forget to check back on our site for new open positions!