348. Changing Your Mindset to be a Better Speaker with John Michael Morgan

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#348 Episode

Changing Your Mindset to be a Better Speaker with John Michael Morgan

Changing your mindset to be a better speaker is the foundation for growing your business, according to our guest on today’s show.

John Michael Morgan is an exceptional speaker, best-selling writer and coach who works with leaders and entrepreneurs from small businesses to large companies like Disney, Google and Starbucks.

Today on The Speaker Lab, John explains the more common challenges he sees in his line of work, the state of people’s mindsets as a result of this pandemic and why and how to create the optimal mindset for success.

Join us for those subjects and so much more on episode 348 of The Speaker Lab.


  • How can you clear up your own limiting beliefs?
  • Does a positive mindset come easily to some people?
  • What did a Harvard study determine as the top factor in overcoming challenges?
  • Can you be so positive it is detrimental to you?
  • How do you maintain a healthy perspective on your own progress?
  • Why scheduling is a key part of rewriting your own story.
  • What’s the key phrase to use when creating your new beliefs?
  • How to set your intentions for the day, every day.
  • And so much more!

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