How Speakers Can Best Use Technology in a Chaotic Climate with Brian Fanzo

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Grant Baldwin and Brian Fanzo (from hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers can best use technology in this current climate.

During the live stream, Grant and Brian discuss:

  • Leveraging technology and social media to grow your speaking business
  • Starting a podcast to supplement your speaking and increase your audience
  • How to use virtual options to replace in-person meetings
  • Reinventing digital meeting experience with the distracted attendee in mind
  • The challenge event planners face in moving or redesigning large-scale events
  • Take a beat and remember the groundwork you’ve put in that will last beyond a crisis
  • Don’t sacrifice long-term wins for short-term gains
  • Getting creative in responding to canceled or postponed events
  • The importance of being transparent (and why it’s different from over-sharing)
  • Alternative options besides being on stage that speakers can do well
  • How do you think about pricing for virtual speaking gigs?


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