196. How Customizing Improves You as a Speaker with Chris Hogan

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Chris Hogan Dave Ramsey Grant Baldwin The Speaker Lab customize your speeches be a better speakerHave you ever listened to a speaker and felt like they knew you and your fellow audience members personally? That feeling makes all the difference as a listener, but it also makes a difference for the speaker.

Here to tell us how customizing improves you as a speaker is our Chris Hogan, our guest on today’s episode of The Speaker Lab.

Chris is part of Ramsey’s Solutions, Dave Ramsey’s company and has been for the last 13 years. Over time, Chris has evolved from coaching pro athletes, entertainers and musicians to traveling the globe giving customized speeches to Fortune 100 companies.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab we also talk about how he balances his family with giving close to 100 talks a year, plus what it means to be a good leader. Join us for all of that and more with Chris Hogan on episode 196 of The Speaker Lab!



  • Why was his first gig a “hot mess” and what can it teach you about being a better speaker?
  • What does his process look like today when giving a new talk?
  • What allows him to grow his craft?
  • How does he track potential stories and anecdotes to include in his talks?
  • Why are first person stories so powerful?
  • What is the magic that connects you with an audience?
  • What advice does he have if you are just starting out?
  • Why we can never be 100% balanced.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “See possibilities, not just problems.” – Chris Hogan