292. How Public Relations Helps Speakers with Chris Winfield

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#292 Episode

How Public Relations Helps Speakers with Chris Winfield

How public relations helps speakers may not be something you’ve considered before, but after today’s episode you will know how PR can make a difference in your speaking career.

Chris Winfield joins us to talk about this topic. He teaches PR (public relations) and the art of relationships and connections. We dig into those three areas right out of the gate, and also talk about my skepticism of the value of public relations!

We answer questions like how important is it to build long-term relationships?  What are the challenges and potential obstacles if you are an introvert versus an extrovert? Chris also tells us about PR firms, why most are horrible, and a simple exercise you can do right now to move the needle.

This is a fun and informative show so join us for episode 292 of The Speaker Lab with Chris Winfield.


  • Does everyone have Impostor Syndrome?
  • What is the law of reciprocity and how does it work?
  • Ten minutes in person can replace how much time online?
  • Who are the people who make the greatest connections?
  • Do you have something to bring to the table, even if you are starting out?
  • Are certain forms of media more impactful than others?
  • What does it mean to “borrow credibility”?
  • How do you know which platforms are ideal for you?
  • And so much more!

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