129. How to Thank Your Clients

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Ready for another one?! Today on The Speaker Lab we have two more questions from listeners just like you. Stephanie sent a voicemail asking about the proper strategy for thanking clients after a speaking gig. She wondered if it’s okay to send gifts, or what other approaches are acceptable to say thank you to a client.

We have a second and equally interesting question from John. He is getting into speaking and starting to build his platform. He has written a book and intends to write more, and he plans to give away some of those books. John asks if he needs to be a non-profit, or if he can still operate as a for-profit business.

Listen in to hear the answers to both of those questions and then apply them in your speaking career! It’s all here on episode 129 of The Speaker Lab.


  • The four reasons to give thank yous to your clients after an event.
  • Which should you go after relationships or gigs?
  • What is something most speakers don’t do (but should)?
  • The 5 ways my team and I show appreciation after an event.
  • Who should you give handwritten thank you cards to?
  • What types of thank you gifts can you send?
  • Do you need to operate as a non-profit to make donations?
  • Why it’s okay to receive money for helping people.
  • And so much more!

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