096. How Running a Podcast Will Grow Your Speaking Career With Cliff Ravenscraft

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Cliff Ravenscraft joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about podcasting and how it will grow your speaking career!

Do you think starting a podcast can help you reach your target audience and land more speaking gigs? Our guest for episode 96 says yes, and he’s got the history to prove it.

Cliff Ravenscraft, known as the Podcast Answer Man, joins us to talk about the connection between podcasting and public speaking.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, Cliff shares how he got started as a podcaster, how he’s helped people start 40,000 podcasts (!), why podcasting is still relevant today, and the main ways podcasting will grow your speaking career.

Listen in for all of that and so much more on today’s show!


  • Why was 2008 a financial disaster but the best year of Cliff’s life and his marriage?
  • How Dan Miller helped his career trajectory.
  • How did he initially generate revenue when he started podcasting full-time?
  • Why are his free speaking gigs the most profitable ones?
  • How can a podcast help your speaking career?
  • The two ways to choose your podcast topic to get more speaking gigs.
  • How has podcasting made him a better speaker?
  • Does the average podcast listener prefer weekly or bi-weekly episodes?
  • And so much more!

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Cliff Ravenscraft