226. Creating Your Own Rocky Story with Clint Pulver

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Clint Pulver The Speaker Lab Grant Baldwin drumming speaking rocky storyEveryone loves an underdog, right? If you’re just starting out as a speaker you definitely fall in the underdog category. So why not take full advantage and create your own underdog Rocky story? Clint Pulver did and success has followed suit.

Today he’s going to tell us how he tapped into the power of his own Rocky story to make powerful  relationships with speakers he admires and respects, and how he created his own board of directors as a result.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, he’ll also tell us how he incorporates professional drumming experience into his speaking gigs. Join us for the details on all of these topics with my friend and yours Clint Pulver.


  • How did he get his first speaking gig while still in high school?
  • When did he quit his full-time job in the medical field?
  • The 3 things that make up a dream job: what are they?
  • What one thing did he do that directly led to booking 7 gigs?
  • What questions did he ask of his prospective audience?
  • How much of a financial buffer did he have saved for himself?
  • What one piece of content generated 85% of his bookings in his first year?
  • What three business investments paid the biggest dividends?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “I’m all for burning the ships, but I am also for bringing the ship in as close to the dock as you can before you do!” – Clint Pulver



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