338. Creating Your Talk with Harriet Turk

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#338 Episode

Creating Your Talk with Harriet Turk

Creating your talk is one of the basics of becoming a great speaker.

Joining us to lay out the details of this process is Harriet Turk. Harriet is a masterful speaker who also helps Speaker Lab students create their talks. On this episode, Harriet walks us through the basic steps, the role of stories and much more.

Tune in to hear it all on the 338th edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • What is the first thing you must know when creating your talk?
  • Is it okay to use secondhand stories?
  • How do you know which stories are usable?
  • Should you use a story that is emotionally charged?
  • How is authoring a story different than presenting a story?
  • How to tweak and develop your story over time.
  • Should you write out your entire speech?
  • Why memorizing your speech can lead to disaster.
  • And so much more!

A 5-Step Roadmap for starting and scaling your speaking career.

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