328. The Current State of the Speaking Industry with Erick Rheam

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#328 Episode

The Current State of the Speaking Industry with Erick Rheam

What is the current state of the speaking industry? What is the latest? Erick Rheam is going to tell us.

Erick is a student of The Speaker Lab who now coaches for us in addition to having his own successful speaking business. As a coach, he hears from other speakers what is happening out there. Today we dive into the system he utilized to have a better year financial year than the previous one and hear answers to the most common questions speakers are asking him right now.

Listen in for all of that on episode 328 of The Speaker Lab.


  • How did he bring in over $300k in 2020?
  • How do you know how much to charge both virtually and in person?
  • What two questions can you ask yourself to shift your business right now?
  • Can you start from scratch and gradually invest in your virtual studio?
  • How having a system can help you in the good times and the difficult times.
  • Should you chase events or can you create your own?
  • Why COVID is actually a blessing for speakers.
  • Is virtual here to stay and if so, how does it shape future events?
  • And so much more!

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