094. How to Reach the Masses With Your Message With Dan Miller and Andy Andrews

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Do you think you could learn from 40 of the best, brightest and most successful speakers on the planet today? I thought you could so I gathered them all in The Speaker Lab Summit.

To give you a sample of what you’ll be hearing when you join the summit, I’ve brought two of those 40 speakers to you for today’s show: Dan Miller and Andy Andrews.

Dan Miller is an author, speaker, and coach who shares his 48 days message around the globe through numerous channels. He shares how his message began as a Sunday school class. He also digs into how you can find and hone in on your core message and how you can take that core message to the masses on numerous platforms while creating multiple sources of revenue for your business.

Andy Andrews is a comedian turned professional speaker. His primary focus is on getting results and he shares that message with numerous industries from churches to corporations to the military. Today Andy talks about how to avoid being watered down by your clients’ requests, and why it’s so important to befriend the people who hire you.

Both of these men have decades of experience as professional speakers and successful businessmen. You’ll learn a ton from both of them on episode 94 of The Speaker Lab.