349. From Playing in The NFL to Public Speaking with Desmond Clark

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#349 Episode

From Playing in The NFL to Public Speaking with Desmond Clark

You might think going from playing in the NFL to public speaking is a natural transition. Our guest today, Desmond Clark, has made that leap and is here to tell the tale.

Desmond is a successful speaker and student at The Speaker Lab. He’s also a former NFL player who spent most of his career with the Chicago Bears. On today’s episode he tells us what led him into the speaking realm, how the pandemic impacted his business and the critical role a system has played in his success.

Join us to hear that and more on episode 349 of The Speaker Lab!


  • Has he always been drawn to speaking?
  • Are there similarities between speaking and playing in the NFL?
  • How did he make the leap from occasional speaking to regular gigs?
  • Did he also face fears and doubts when starting public speaking?
  • Is it natural to question yourself?
  • How does he filter which free gigs he agrees to do?
  • What’s been the biggest pay-off for him?
  • How do you know if you are speaking for the right reasons?
  • And so much more!

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