How Speakers Can Diversify Their Business With Carrie Wilkerson

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Grant Baldwin and Carrie Wilkerson hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how speakers can diversify their business.

During the live stream, Grant and Carrie discuss:

  • Starting her brand as “The Barefoot Executive”
  • Self-isolating with teenagers in Texas
  • Why worry won’t do you a bit of good
  • Prioritizing daily communication with your audience
  • Marketing with empathy and not appearing tone-deaf
  • Creating leverage in your business to create a “stage” in different ways
  • Teach a masterclass on your area of expertise
  • Provide mentoring to a few clients to coach through a specific process
  • Create the infrastructure for a membership program (>1000 email list subscribers)
  • Do not stop your marketing
  • Using the tools you have to deliver value to your audience
  • Asking the question: How can I serve your people from a distance?
  • Don’t wait for fancy tools to create value for your audience
  • Virtual keynoting and reimagined virtual conference for 50,000 people
  • Suit up and show up every day
  • Make the most of the opportunities you have
  • If you stop your marketing now and disappear, you’ll be forgotten
  • Stay in healthy communication with both colleagues and clients
  • It’s time to build your email list and stay in connection with them
  • Why you can’t rely on social media and paid advertising alone
  • How to go get some paid contracts
  • Learn something new while you’re stuck at home
  • Stay away from the fridge and stay in your speaker clothes
  • Practice your material and test new stuff on Facebook Live
  • Take care of yourself. Your image is your business.
  • Acknowledge your stress and grief, but don’t live in it. Focus on gratitude.
  • Set goals for each day and establish minimum expectations
  • Don’t be ashamed to get help. This crisis is not your fault.
  • Small businesses are what keep the country going.
  • And more


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