How To Diversify Your Speaking Income Right Now with Neen James

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Grant Baldwin and Neen James hosted a Facebook Live to talk about how to diversify your speaking income right now.

During the live stream, Grant and Neen discuss:

  • Comparing the impact of COVID-19 to the 2008 recession
  • Relocating to the United States and starting speaking business over from scratch
  • How uncertainty creates a unique challenge
  • Keeping your head in the right space
  • A service vs a sales mindset
  • Defaulting to positivity and generosity
  • The difference between making money during a crisis and making money from a crisis (shout out to Sean McCabe)
  • Unique challenges faced by different industries
  • Managing a long lead time before your next live speaking gig
  • The domino effect of events getting postponed
  • Financial practices that speakers should emulate
  • The reality of what events are actually getting canceled vs rescheduled
  • How speakers can look at their available speaking dates as inventory
  • “Be kind or be quiet.”
  • Avoided short-sighted decisions
  • Don’t sell something you’re not qualified to teach
  • Playing the long-game with intentional attention
  • The invaluable gift of asking “how can I help?”
  • And more


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