Episode #69

How to Launch a Book

With Elizabeth Marshall

If I told you today’s guest has had such notable clients as Michael Port and Seth Godin, would you be impressed and pay attention to what she has to say? If you said yes then get ready to tune in because that is exactly who our guest on episode 69 of The Speaker Lab has worked with.

Elizabeth Marshall helps thought leaders and people who want to be seen as thought leaders get their message out to the world. A major milestone came in 2006 when she helped Michael Port launch his acclaimed book: Book Yourself Solid.

And on today’s show, Elizabeth takes us back to that experience, how to keep a long-term perspective while building your audience and honing your message, as well as the 10 pieces you need to build a strong platform. Get ready to hear all of that and more on The Speaker Lab!


  • What is an example of an evergreen title and why is that important?
  • How can you develop your key message over time?
  • How to avoid wasting precious time, energy and money while developing that key message.
  • Why should you start with one piece of your content to build your audience?
  • How to stay connected to changes in your market, and why it’s important.
  • When to focus on traditional media, and what to do first.
  • Why the size of the audience isn’t as important as the quality of the audience.
  • What are the four ways to promote your book if you have a small platform?
  • And much, much more.

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