104. How to Follow up With Potential Speaking Clients

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time as a professional speaker, it is the importance of the follow up.

A listener called in and asked about how to properly and effectively follow up with potential clients, so that topic is the focus of this solo episode of The Speaker Lab.

You’ll hear me answer his question by laying out the different phases and stages of follow up, including how to make initial contact with an organization, and what to say when they are close to making a decision about their speaker lineup.

I’ll also cover how to find the right person to contact within a company and why it’s always your goal to get a potential client on the phone. You’ll hear that and much more on episode 104 of The Speaker Lab!


  • What has been the “secret sauce” for me in my career?
  • The strategic yet simple method to use for your follow ups.
  • Why clients might be interested in you, even if they don’t call you back.
  • How far in advance should you reach out prior to an event you’d like to speak at?
  • Why keeping your initial email short and sweet is critical.
  • What a follow-up flow chart is and how to use one.
  • How long should you wait for a reply to your email?
  • What is the “ball in your court” email and why is it so effective?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Being strategic about follow ups is critically important.”