318. How to Speak on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

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#318 Episode

How to Speak on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

How to speak on cultural diversity and inclusion is our topic for today’s edition of The Speaker Lab. Joining us is speaker, consultant and corporate leader J. Israel Greene.

Israel speaks to tech companies on leadership development, diversity equity and inclusion. He works with them on cultural issues that often show up as low employee engagement, stalled sales and poor leadership. He helps them transform that culture through workshops and consulting.

On today’s show, Israel tells us when he made the jump to a speaking career and how the Booked and Paid to Speak network has generated over $20k for him in his business. You can hear that and more when you listen in to episode 318 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Which of his acting skills does he apply to speaking?
  • What personal stories does he include in his content?
  • How did he know he wanted to make speaking into a business?
  • What are “fuel up” moments?
  • Can you borrow other people’s stories and still be a great speaker?
  • How to reconcile your interests with what the market needs.
  • What does he do when he gets frustrated?
  • How does he use “lunch and learns” to generate business?
  • And so much more!

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