205. How to Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson

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You know it takes time, effort and energy to build and grow your speaking career; succeeding as a speaker means you also must know how to compete every day. Someone who embodies this is Jake Thompson. Jake’s brand, Compete Every Day, is an apparel lifestyle brand based on the idea that life is worth competing for.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, Jake will go into more detail on the evolution of his brand as well as how he’s uncovered who his audience is, how he battles discouragement in this business, and how he hustles to expand his business without getting overwhelmed or spreading himself too thin.

We also get into some coaching before wrapping up with Jake’s advice for hanging in there through the ups and downs of your journey. Join us for all of that on today’s edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • When did he feel called to the stage, and why?
  • What is the goal behind his brand?
  • How has he gotten traction over the last six months?
  • What role has content played in helping people to find him?
  • Why it’s easier to pivot from the wrong niche than it is to speak to a broad target market.
  • What can we learn from Kobe Bryant’s basic drill exercises?
  • How is batching a variety content helping him grow his business?
  • Why you can do it all, just not at once.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Focus on the glory through the grind.”