236. The Things Nobody Tells You About Speaking with Jane Atkinson

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jane atkinson speaker launcher The Speaker Lab Grant BaldwinOn this episode of The Speaker Lab I have a fireside chat with Jane Atkinson, founder and creator of The Speaker Launcher. The journey to creating this business began with a desire to work for an inspirational speaker. The seed was firmly planted when she saw a Les Brown TV special not long after, and it soon sprouted her first marketing gig.

Hear how that gig led her to later work with Peter Legge and Vince Vicente, before she ultimately formed The Speaker Launcher. You’ll hear her stories and advice, as well as some of my own experiences when you join us for episode 236 of The Speaker Lab!


  • What is one of the most difficult finds in this industry?
  • What it means if you aren’t getting referrals.
  • Why being difficult doesn’t just mean being a diva.
  • What to do when fear creeps in.
  • Why referring business to other speakers is critical to your own success.
  • What’s the difference between speakers who make it and speakers who don’t?
  • How becoming known for one thing can be beneficial.
  • Why you should triple down on what is working.
  • And so much more!

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