140. How to Use PR to Get Speaking Gigs With Janet Murray

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Janet Murray joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to discuss how PR (public relations) can help grow your speaking career.Could public relations (PR) help you get more speaking gigs? This isn’t an area I’ve paid much attention to but our guest for episode 140 changed my tune. Janet Murray is an author, speaker and PR wizard with 16 years of experience working with publications like The Guardian, The Telegraph and Huffington Post.

On today’s edition of The Speaker Lab, Janet joins us to talk about why PR will help you grow your personal brand, your audience and get you more speaking gigs. She also shares her thoughts on quality versus quantity: is it better to be featured in a lot of publications, or a few select outlets?

You’ll hear the details on those topics as well as how she started her current work helping entrepreneurs and business owners become featured in the press. Listen in to hear her thoughts plus her lovely British accent on this edition of The Speaker Lab!


  • The two ways PR helps your credibility.
  • Are high profile media outlets still effective?
  • Is it better to write a freelance article, or to be featured by someone else?
  • What are some social media outlets that journalists are active on?
  • How to do the necessary research before pitching your ideas.
  • How much of connecting with the media is based on relationships?
  • Should your approach vary depending on the medium?
  • Is it better to be in the New York Times or to be in a specialty magazine?
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: “Tell the story people want to hear.” – Janet Murray