134. Real Artists Don’t Starve With Jeff Goins

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Jeff Goins joins Grant Baldwin on The Speaker Lab to talk about his latest book, Real Artists Don't Starve, and so much more!

Do you think creative types must be starving artists with no hope of real income? Our guest for today’s episode of The Speaker Lab is going to change that mindset if you do!

Jeff Goins is a published author with five books under his belt, as well as a highly-respected international speaker. And at his core, Jeff is an artist.

On this show, he tells us why it’s okay to profit as an artist, and how to overcome the mental barriers of getting paid well for our craft.

You’ll hear Jeff share his back story and also explain why you don’t need to wait until you think you’re ready, and why you should stop calling yourself an “aspiring” anything! Jeff gives plenty of sage wisdom on those topics, and much more during the 134th episode of The Speaker Lab.


  • When can a speaker call himself/herself a speaker?
  • How John Grisham became a writer, and what his story can teach you.
  • Why doesn’t Jeff like the word “aspiring”?
  • How to be okay charging money for what you do.
  • Why is being a starving artist a choice?
  • What is one of the rules of not being a starving artist?
  • Why you should start speaking for a fee as soon as possible.
  • What to say if your prospect has no budget for speakers.
  • And so much more!

Tweetable: ” You believe, you behave and then you become.” – Jeff Goins



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