335. From Music to Comedy to Speaking with Jeremy Rochford

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#335 Episode

From Music to Comedy to Speaking with Jeremy Rochford

What’s it like to go from a career in music to comedy to speaking? Our guest has done it and he’s here to share!

Today Jeremy Rochford is an amazing public speaker and a coach in our Booked and Paid to Speak program, but he began work in the music world. On episode 335 of The Speaker Lab, Jeremy tells us about his journey from music to comedy to speaking, and some of the most common roadblocks speakers face when starting out.

Listen in for that and so much more on this edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • What is the promise you’re making to your audience?
  • Is booking gigs for music similar to booking gigs for speaking?
  • What can Chris Rock teach you about stage presence and delivering your speech?
  • Why does he recommend doing a comedy open mic night if you want to speak?
  • Why doing the things that terrify you is powerful.
  • What did he learn from his TedX experience?
  • Success is right at the edge of where?
  • Why you should focus less on your goal and focus on this instead.
  • And so much more!

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