320. Changing Speaking Topics with Jessica Kriegel

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#320 Episode

Changing Speaking Topics with Jessica Kriegel

Is changing speaking topics a difficult transition? It can be done and here to tell us about the journey is Jessica Kriegel.

Jessica is an author, leadership expert and speaker who is a researcher at heart. On today’s episode of The Speaker Lab, Jessica tells us how and why she got into speaking, what it’s been like changing speaking topics and her advice for people looking to make it in the speaking world.

Join us to hear that and more on episode 320 of The Speaker Lab.


  • What was the goal of writing her first book?
  • Why did she seek out coaching to grow her speaking career?
  • What does your online presence have to do with your speaking success?
  • How did she translate her subject expertise into speaking topics and audiences?
  • Can you work with people who are not in your target industries?
  • Why you should consider doing your outreach yourself.
  • Are there downsides to changing speaking topics?
  • Do speaking bureaus do her marketing for her?
  • And so much more!

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